The Transient Sessions 


1. Music

Music has been my entryway into prayer.  Before I made this connection, prayer was foreign, mysterious and seemed unattainable.  But through the vulnerability of performance combined with the honesty and purity of the artist's intention, music has the ability to transcend individuals to a cosmic conversation bigger than the sum of its parts.  Music isn't purely entertainment but rather a language.  Prayer isn't solely a request but rather a conversation.  When I realized this connection and profound reality, I began to see my music as an opportunity to pray with others every time I picked up my guitar.  Yes, I know I make funny faces when I sing ... but I promise you it is with the best intentions.  


2. The Transient Sessions 

The transient sessions were born out of my need and desire to document my travels in a new and expressive way.  Oftentimes a musician's life, from the audience's perspective, starts and stops with live performance and whatever content posted on social media.  It is the in-between stuff that really adds the color to our nomadic lifestyle.  I could try really hard to post great pictures and videos of the everyday ... but in the end, to me, it is too contrived and unnatural (for the most part).  The Transient Sessions is a way for me to share with you a little something of myself in-between the shows in the most potent and honest form of communication I know: Music. 

Though some of the places I visit have some amazing sights and locations, The Transient Sessions will always be filmed in the room where I am staying.  I do this for a couple of reasons, the biggest being that the room makes up the majority of my experience of that location.  The reality of the traveling songwriter is that between the performances, the most exciting experiences happen in between the ears rather than in front of the eyes.  It can be a lonely and quiet existence, which is where this project was born from.  This is my effort to communicate, connect and pray with you. 

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One Microphone 

One Camera

One Song 

One Take

It is (sometimes) that simple