From the recording Red-Winged Blackbird Man 2013

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Released in: 2013
Produced by: Bo Ramsey
Engineered by John Svec
Recorded at: Minstrel Recording Studios, Iowa City, IA


American Martyr

I can’t even hear no more and nothings coming back
I took the low one cause the high road was painted back
Seventeen when I left my home, running from nothing
Cigarettes and alcohol swaying to my mood
The ground will rise to slap you while your dancing with its moon
Whats to lose when there’s no time to think
And I have been drinking

Oh American Martyr

She was running from something big and I had found a car
We’d spit out drunken dreams, how she would be a star
She gave me fever, I kept her warm at night
I called her my baby
There was nothing like the next town always something to see
But he liked her dancing then she forgotten me
Around a pole she makes enough to eat
Hell I didn’t know she was hungry

Oh American Martyr

It must have been Warrensburg or the town before that
He held a job for me tapping tanks and fixing flats
I brushed my teeth in a meth bed bucket
And dreamed of my baby
The cracked riddled windowpane could blow back your hair
A unisex bathroom with names scratched everywhere
Its hard to build a dream on a rotting frame….he said
at least I’ve been trying