T&M 09: Sean Daley

T&M 09: Sean Daley - Slug 

What do you do when you want to be a hip-hop star and you live in Minneapolis? You build your own sandbox and make the players come to you. This is what Sean Daley, better known as Slug of the hip-hop group Atmosphere, did … and what a sandbox he has built! Twenty-one years later his label is stronger than ever, he is a major headlining act, and on the dawn of his 10th studio release. Few can say they are at the top of their game 20 years in … but Sean wasn’t thrown to the peak of the success summit; he built that hill on his own and walked every step with the same determination as the step before it. Now, as a proud father, husband, and a wise sage, he is here to give you something more than listening music for the revolution, he comes to give you a “realistic hope” — one that is not ignorant of the dirt and mess of everyday life, but rather fully alive in it and elevated through it. He wants to point you to what he calls, “the purple lining,” where you can fully be and thrive … The purple lining … a place where reality and dreams collide and where fullest potential is realized. A place that casts a cooling shadow over the sandbox that he has built, summoning his eyes above himself and drawing his hill higher and higher to the heavens. Join me as we bask in that mystery that is Slug. 

Track List:
1. Scapegoat
2. Guarantees
3. My Lady Got Two Men
4. Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

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