T&M 01: Greg Brown

Episode 01: Greg Brown

Everything starts somewhere, here is where this journey begins. While traveling through Iowa City I had an opportunity to sit with Grammy nominated folk legend Greg Brown. I had met Greg one other time previously but never really had any significant in-depth conversation. We had a mutual friend, Bo Ramsey, who plays guitar and produces for Greg and produced our last album, Red-Winged Blackbird Man. On this trip I set out just to get some interviews, no shows of my own and ended up getting 4 fantastic conversations in one day... Greg was my third of the day and I was feeling pretty deep in the flow at this point. I was surprised to hear Greg was ready to go himself and we got pretty deep in it right away touching on faith, the songwriters journey and the potential of music to go beyond the ears. Greg is legend, a songwriter monster, a king in my book. He has been covered by Willie Nelson Ani Difranco, Gillian Welch, Shawn Colvin and Joan Baez just to name a few... I was honored to be in his home and have his attention and excited to share our time with you. Time & The Mystery: Conversations with Greg Brown 

Track Listing
1. Where Are You Going When You’re Gone
2. Poor Back Slider
3. Jesus & Elvis
4. Spring Wind
5. Daughters

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