From the recording Offering 2010

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Released in: 2010 (Rodzinka Records)
Produced by: Duane Lundy
Recorded at: Shangrila Studios, Lexington, KY


Somewhere Between

They said first thing in the morning and they came the night before.
They were running from salvation, and I was standing in the door.
And you know I aim to be thorough yet I always miss the end.
And you stood there waiting for me; I was running with my friends.
You ask me where I’ve been, because I’ve been nowhere to be seen.
But you are looking far and wide baby; I’m somewhere in between.

You were talking about the river, how it could wash the city clean.
And I was staring at the bridge and the other side I’ve never seen.
Yes you know I love you, baby, and I’ll always ‘till the end.
But the highway’s built in directions that I have lost so many friends.
And you ask me for an answer – I either burn or I come clean.
But you’re asking too much because I’m somewhere in between.

You push me to surrender; you say the walls of men are thin.
But I have beaten brooms against the rugs and rooms that you have carried yourself in.
Yes, I know these trees their haunted since Eve left me in the fall.
But you either think for yourself, baby, or you don’t think at all.
And you ask me to come with you to these places few have seen.
But you’re going far and wide baby; I’m stuck here in between.

You give yourself bare-handed, I take what’s left with shame.
I heard Vinny came back from the desert but that boy don’t look the same.
You can count my hairs, they’re numbered, leave the tally at the door.
I heard the mother’s milk has gone sour but the fools they’re begging more.
You beg me to surrender, to make a perfect offering.
But you are asking too much baby because I’m stuck here in between.