From the recording Offering 2010

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Released in: 2010 (Rodzinka Records)
Produced by: Duane Lundy
Recorded at: Shangrila Studios, Lexington, KY


You Were Beautiful Once

You were beautiful once, before skies fell to gray.
So beautiful once, in the fallen words you give away.
Now hopelessness and ache, I can taste the pills you take.
You were beautiful once, now it’s all slipped away.

You were beautiful once, you’re so quick to lose your smile.
You were giving everyone a chance to feel what was real, and what was worthwhile.
Now you’re stumbling, and you’re ashamed. I helped you up baby and you walked away.
You were beautiful once. I wish there was something else to say.

I won’t ever go away. Don’t ever go away.

You were beautiful once in your pale, perfect skin.
So beautiful once, when you were open to take me in.
Because it was my gift, and that was my land; I reached out baby and you bit the hand.
You were beautiful once but now it’s time to surrender in.

Alternate Verse
You were beautiful once, how you listened, how you pleased.
So beautiful once, you could summon deception straight to its knees.
Your beauty tested true by the fires of what you let get to you.
You were beautiful once but now I’m sorry to say it’s through.