1. At Your Gate

From the recording Offering 2010

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Released in: 2010 (Rodzinka Records)
Produced by: Duane Lundy
Recorded at: Shangrila Studios, Lexington, KY


At Your Gate

Come out, come out,
Come meet me.
I’ve been poisoned, I’ve been used.
And now I’m standing at your gate.
I am hanging on your gate.
And I’ll be standing at your gate.

In my days I ruled deception.
I was king; I had control.
But I deceived all those I hold,
And they flanked and dug a hole,
And now I’m standing at your gate.

I was lost in my intentions
But they were bleeding out your side
While I was blinding out my eyes.

When I left I had direction.
I had protection; I was free.
But they do not compromise.
No they did not compromise.
And now I’m standing at your gate.

I did not come to take you;
I came to let you take me in.
And we are born where we begin
And this fever burns within.

There’s a Song of Songs you’re singing
And I’ve been bleeding every line.
How I want to harmonize.
Yes, I need to harmonize.
And I’ll be singing at your gate.