1. Down the Road

From the recording There And Back 2005

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Released in: 2005
Produced by: Erik Colvin
Recorded at: Erik Colvin Studios, Los Angeles CA


Down the Road

Down the road
I’ve walked my share of footsteps down the road
Covered my own ground down the road
And I’ll cover so much more
Down the road

Down the road
I’ve seen the stories of many passing down the road
Heard the deafness of being lonesome in the cold
Between the snowy banks I walk
Down the road

Down the road
I’ve been warmed by the golden rays of a summer sun
Felt the love of several hundred and the heart of one
That my soul will always know
Down the road

Down the road
I’ve been stung by the sweeping hollow needles of the wind
Felt the helpless shameful guilt of being pinned
As I watched the truth unfold
Down the road

Down the road
I’ve been Drenched by the soaking rain of other’s hate
Dried by the wise words of one so great
That my mind attempts to mold
Down the road

Down the road
I tasted a sweet tongue of a devil down the road
The pain and sweat of working for my gold
And the truth with growing old
Down the road

Tears of joy
Came with my meeting of a mother and her boy
With a father whose wife’s flaws could not annoy
As my eyes flood big and bold down the road
Walk with me
Come on take my hand
Show me sights to see
Through the biggest cloud and the deepest bluest sea
With the Lord’s hand we’ll hold down the road
Shine on light
Shine in to the latest hour of the night
With your gleaming power my feet will soon take flight
As my body moves pushed and pulled
Down the road