From the recording Red-Winged Blackbird Man 2013

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Released in: 2013
Produced by: Bo Ramsey
Engineered by John Svec
Recorded at: Minstrel Recording Studios, Iowa City, IA


Dream of Home Once Again

It was many years ago when the signs did show
And the people all reacted the same
With each year that past, the longer it last
One by one we lost our titles and names

You could see in our eyes the memories had died
The stories never started the same
We searched for some reason and the changing of season
As we’d dream for home once again

Father take hold of your son’s hand
Mother to your daughter remain
Brother hold dear your sister in fear
For those days we’re returning again

Contradiction will reign when your led by insane
And the base of the well will run dry
They torture the weak and turn their cheek
An eye for and eye as were all going blind

We fight to protect live to die with respect
They say we’re free to choose all but the same
But the echo it grows as we yearn for the rose
And we dream of home once again

Mother take hold of your sons hand
Father to your daughter remain
Sister hold dear your brother in fear