From the recording Red-Winged Blackbird Man 2013

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Released in: 2013
Produced by: Bo Ramsey
Engineered by John Svec
Recorded at: Minstrel Recording Studios, Iowa City, IA


Somewhere Somebody

Well things grew tired and we left there quick
We couldn’t find a place to stick
Circling ‘round from town to town where the money was coming in
And the times were right for a sabotage
Hearts were heavy as the wounds were large
We ached to move but we were really starved for something to keep us still

We’d say someday somebody, somewhere somehow
Somewhere somehow
Someday, somebody

We could eat so much that we would get sick
Jimmy had the money but his money was quick
And the music grew heavy it was all around we started to go deaf
The back stage betties held the curtains wide
Truth was a flake and he often lied I found truth was nothing but a passerby who believed what I wanted

Id say someday, somebody, somewhere somehow
Somewhere somehow someday somebody

She could move around her room off her instinct
Played her music where the boys would drink
And her lace hid nothing but the truth that she had everything to lose
She was from the west where the sun laid down
Her feet burned for familiar ground
I held her hand and her body was found as I whispered her her name

I said someday, somebody yeah somewhere somehow, somewhere somehow, someday somebody