From the recording Red-Winged Blackbird Man 2013

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Released in: 2013
Produced by: Bo Ramsey
Engineered by John Svec
Recorded at: Minstrel Recording Studios, Iowa City, IA


Weather & Stone

Weather and stone, we reach for protection
Weather and stone, an echo of rejection
Weather and stone, let your water heal
You gonna make me lose my mind, going to make me feel

Weather and stone, Every prophet needs protection
Weather and stone, the rock hollowed by the water’s direction
Weather and stone, they claw and they scream
You gonna make me lose my mind, going to make me tear the seam

’cause I wanna be someone, I want to leave this town
Dust on an open road, I’ll float above the ground
Where the flowing waters bound
And the singer’s song is sound
Where my hang ups are falling down
With the cares I throw around

Fire and stone, burn me and the troubles I’ve known
Fire and stone, wind my flesh around the truth of the bone
Fire and stone, purify the death I’ve grown
You gonna make me loose my mind, gonna make me run back home

Cause I wanna love someone, I want to hear my name
Beyond the city limit line, only words remain
But someone else feels the same
And their touch will cure with pain
Lips that set my chest aflame
To burn this heart of shame
And I have no one but myself to blame
For the weeds that choked the grain
And we’ll surrender before the weathers aim
And with the rock it will reclaim