From the recording Tenebrae 2008

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Released in: 2007/2008 (Oarfin Distribution)
Produced by: Duane Lundy
Recorded at: Shangrila Studios, Lexington, KY


It’s A Hard Road To Crawl

If ever you feel
that tomorrow might not even come
Well I’ll urge you on down the line
‘Cause the many they’ll hold you down
But you only need one to lift you up
And that’s a hard road to crawl

And some too
are still chasing the sun
Under its westward bow

But the twilight can never be undone
And all suns are made to set
Over the wayward road below
And also in your eyes
I can see a fading light
As you take to the road alone

Winter’s cold
and the nights are long
But if we travel south enough, We’ll find

that the summer’s just begun
And there will always be a place for us
Down this long road we’ve come
And don’t you forget
I will always be your friend
I ask for nothing in return

It’s a hard road to crawl
But you won’t crawl it alone