1. Slowdown

From the recording Tenebrae 2008

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Released in: 2007/2008 (Oarfin Distribution)
Produced by: Duane Lundy
Recorded at: Shangrila Studios, Lexington, KY



Her neck moves with the rhythm of her eager beating heart
She says the soul can lose its way sometime but it never moves too far
With my voices pounding heavy there was no room to let her in
But this night the loudest voice I heard was the beating of her skin

I look down to the floor and up into the trees
I look everywhere to avoid the stare of when our two faces meet
In the stillness of a moment she cut through me with her words
She said there’s something deeper going on and it’s time that it gets heard

I said, “oh slow down baby, baby slow down”

I never been one to worry, I never traded something stolen
But regrets have staked their claims and now I question all I own
In this heart of darkness she said that she would stay
She said “I won’t go but you got to show me that there’s another day”

I said, “oh Woman, yes come and take my hand
But in my broken fall my strides are small lets take it slow if we can”
Bitter hands of forgiveness, it was a bosom for a bed
I felt the breathing of a Savior as she knelt and kissed my head

I said, “slow down baby, baby slow down”