From the recording Blood & Water

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They pulled my name once before saying that I was to blame
I had heard them then as I do now, I ignore them just the same
There’s a lotta places I could die but it won’t be Michigan
I am gone I am gone once again

It was raining hard outside the walls of the Sunset Motel
We had struck a deal at the liquor store but I guess that went to hell
I didn’t mind that he robbed me there but he knew where I had been
So I am gone, yes, I am gone once again

Yea, some days you feel outnumbered
Other days just spin
I have faded every memory with the ink under my skin
There are whispers of my innocence silenced by my sin
I am gone I must be gone once again

I took comfort when she recognized me standing by the door
She was weighted down from behind the eyes
As she walked across the floor
She said ”I don’t need to much from anyone but I needed you then
But you were gone” Yes, I was gone, but I'm back again

You could tell she was in trouble by the way she closed her door
And her place was filled with rubble from a life once lived before
Then she gestured with her fingers to outside the sounds of men
She said “ You were gone you must be gone once again”

Well sometimes I recite my regrets other times I grin
At the thoughts of my relationships and the states that they’re in
You can choose to keep on running but you will never win
I’ve been gone time and time again

She said “they knew the kind of shape I was in with my daughter and my boy
They had offered to help me outta here, I didn't have a choice
But I’ve been bleeding with regret since the moment you walked in
Now you must go through the window in the den”

My dear they’ll surely string you dead if they find you here alone
The greatest thing I’ve found with time is that it's mine to own
Then I lowered her out the window and said goodbye my friend
You get gone, we’ll meet up one day again

Some days it makes no difference
Other days I pray
Bout the path where I am headed
From the tracks that I have laid
I know where I am bound there will be mercy in the end
So I am gone, yes I am gone once again.