From the recording Blood & Water

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There’s on old river flowing out my window pane
An old river flowing from the mountain spring
I don’t know where it’s headed
I have ideas about where its been
There’s an old river flowing rolling round the bend

Theres an old house on kneel street where I spent my first days
I was a boy deep in wonder in the woods where I played
I never could help daddy catch the dreams that got away
Flowing water won’t you take these words and rest them where he lay

There’s an old bar on 6th street where I’ve spent most my life
I whet dull conversations with the booze like a knife
I work to spend my money, it only pays me back in strife
Flowing water how you speak for me and love me like a wife

There’s an old woman sweeping down by Jim’s drug store
My lips once knew her’s but they don’t know them no more
The most riches I have held were her hands across the floor
Flowing water what I’d give for one dance more