From the recording Blood & Water

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Sons and brothers
Sisters and mothers
The time has come to lay your body down
We’ve been fooled to feel we’re empty
But our inheritance is plenty
I can hear the siren weep as they hang the wedding gown

There was a time that I remember
Innocence and splendor
We were one, your blood rushing through my veins
Now we must stay in this confession
To bleed through their oppression
We must run with our heart against the grain

And there’s a breath from the beginning
From where everything came spinning
Do not fear if you do not understand
I did not come to take you
Defile or break you
I came to help you feel the breath against your hand

And this will not come with ease
Listen to me, please
You must be open to the glory and the pain
When they pierce that sinful mistress
You catch her blood and hold witness
She’ll come running to your heart against the grain

This is a lovers song
Blowing in the field where we belong
Take my hand child, leave behind your shame
I promise you and if you care to promise to
Then we’ll go singing with our heart against the grain