1. The Turnabout

From the recording Blood & Water

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I come from the land where the rivers freeze
Where time is a season counted by the leaves
Where the frozen bone holds pure every tempo, every tone
So every bleeding heart, cracked seed, can cry where it is sown

But I don’t have a home without you

Time is a runner who can change his stride
I hold memories because the feeling has died
And there was once a dream but it burned off like steam
And every noise made in this empty church echos places I have been

Because I don’t have a home without you

And I get it when they say “boy, you gonna reap what you sow”
But I’ve been hanging on to mercy since the day I bet my soul
And Im punching through the dirt because it keeps filling that same hole to you

I wanted to love you but I couldn’t see
Only love becomes itself sacrificially
So I will bleed it out
You hold suspicion, you hold doubt
So I will sing this song until these words can thaw the turnabout

Because I don’t have a home without you