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A Live Concert Right Now, Right Here!

mangionecover_10The wonderful people at in sunny Memphis, TN hosted the band a couple of months ago. If you were not able to join us, no worries. Sit back and allow us to entertain you right now, right here. Enjoy! CLICK—-> Mike Mangione & The Union at Dittytv Memphis

How To Spend Time In Nashville

Although the visit was short, and the show was shorter, we managed to do something that had a chance to last. For 30 minutes we meet in a storage warehouse above a hat store and filmed three songs with our friends Two new and one old. Both beautiful and fulfilling in a simple half hour time. My only regret is passing that black fedora on the way out…. Enjoy!

Thanks GodfatherHootie

Well someone needed to introduce the band….!  Might as well be this video we found from the one and only GodfatherHootie

Now Available: WGN TV | Mike Mangione | 02/23/11

Big thanks to WGN, for a great time as the Midday Music artist. We had to play a little earlier due to the post-election mayoral coverage so for those of you who may have missed it, or wanted to see it again, here’s the link to the WGN TV page:

February 23: Music Lounge – Mike Mangione & The Union


Mike Mangione wants to play just for YOU!
That’s why we are starting our REQUEST’A’SONG on our official YouTube site.

All you have to do is become a subscriber at and send us a message of what song you want Mike (or someone in the band) to play…it’s that easy. Mike and the band will work it out and then a new video will be uploaded to YouTube especially for for you. Go Nutz! and spread the word, lets have some fun…….

Tour Videolog: Double Salted Licorice pt. 2

Tom Mangione and Vince Scheuerman from Army Of Me try “double salted” black licorice. In Pt. 1, Mike Mangione tried it. Pt. 2 is Tom’s turn!

Previous videos available at

New videos are up!

For those of you who have never experienced the full band show – visit our VIDEO page and see the whole six pieces in action. Recorded live on 12.3.08 at Chicago’s legendary Double Door!


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