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This is the end…

CBB Festival - Mike 3

CBB Festival - Mike 3we are finishing up our fall tour and boy are we tired. Thank you to those who came out to support us we had a blast and hope to see you in the spring. Our plan is to release “Red-winged Blackbird Man” next year and tour like crazy…won’t you join us?

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We love you, we thank you, we can not do this without you! Please be safe this season and meet us in the spring.

Love and hugs

Mike & The Union

Mike & Union/studio/Blogz

Mike and the band travel to tropical Iowa City to record their 4th studio album. According to the band the theme of the album is “good” so we will see what kind of inspiration they can till from that. More info to come along with some video bloging of the experiance. Stay tuned.

Also, the band returned from Spain tired, sweaty, 5 pounds lighter and filled with tapas (weird juxtaposition). While over seas they ran into one of their favorite people and top blogs You sing I write. Check out the love from writer Annie Reuter

New look for 2011

Hi All,

it’s your friendly neighborhood webmaster Nez, and mike, the guy with the bronze voice. We’re updating the site for 2011 and we’ve decided to move the site out of straight HTML and into WordPress for content management. We hope to really take advantage of all that WordPress offers as a host and since the band as a whole is getting more wired, we really thought it was time to step it up. More posts, more tweets, more mobile updates and more info (probably too much haha) about what happens with the band when we’re not onstage.

Please give us your feedback and let us know what you’d like to see and hear more of this year. We’ll give you everything we can and more. All we ask for in return is raucous applause and quality barbecue.


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