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Theres a New Newsletter in Town…

thats right…

As I sit in my new place of residence, i won’t say where it is but I will say it rhymes with the state of Risconsin.. I think of all that’s going on and all that we have done. We have done a lot, I feel it, my family feels it..and my bandmates and band mates families feel it too…. But with what we have going on…oh man….look out……the next album is sounding great, I am really excited about the new Newsletters we just sent and our live shows are becoming more of a family affair than concert… what else would we want. Besides the obvious hundred thousand more albums sold, new amp, chickles, and cozy corner BBQ..i dont know! Please stay with us and we wont let you down..let us know what you need and we will do our best. until then, its just a pleasure.



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