Heading West Young Man

Hello to all. This morning we shoved out of Chicago with the rise of the sun…well….around lunch time, but we left non the less. Our first stop is the one and only Oyster Ridge Fest in beautiful Kemmerrer WY. The place has the nicest people on earth and it looks like the moon. So i would go as far as saying the nicest people on earth and the moon. Then, Denver CO, and onward to the beautiful mountain range of Kansas for a couple of dates. After that I will be in New Orleans because..well, why not! We are very excited for this trip, the energy in the truck is electric..! well, sleepy now, but at one point all our hair was standing up from the raw static pulsing through our bodies. See you soon.

P.S Kristina says…”I gotta pee…again”

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One response

  1. vantiem7

    Dude you guys rock, had a blast playin pool with Jon in the local bar, Mike I enjoyed every second of our conversations, Taco or (Tez) thanks for giving me places to look at on my road trip, Tina I only talked to you for only a brief moment but from what I could tell you seem absolutely stunnning.

    Yours truly, Milwaukee native aka Ted
    Ps if you really need a roadie seriously I’m wiling my # is 414-897-2047

    July 31, 2011 at 10:23 am

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