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New album Offering on RODZINKA Records due out this February 2010 to you and you only!!

The band will be having a soft release of the album next month for fans through its website, Myspace, iTunes and at live performances. An official release date will be determined later, but right now we just want to get it to those who love us the most!
Stay tuned for more details…

People still love Tenebrae!

Blurt magazine had this to say about Tenebrae:

“The album’s finest cut, however, is the six-minute “The Killing Floor” (an original, not the old blues standard). In it a luminous, almost Daniel Lanois-esque arrangement gradually builds in intensity until Mangione, clearly in the throes of passion, slides from an earthy growl into a heavenly falsetto as he repeats the word Hallelujah over and over; it’s a little bit Leonard Cohen, a little bit Jeff Buckley, and maybe even a little bit Van Morrison, too. At that precise moment, any doubts you may have entertained over whether or not Mangione is a deeply soulful cat are completely erased.”
:: Listen to The Killing Floor.


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